NOISE PUTTY, Sold By Case Pack Of 4 Dozens


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Sold by 4 dozens. This putty has obviously eaten beans for dinner because it is always making embarrassing sounds. Stick your finger in and pull it out to create a gassy noise effect...sort of like pulling Grandpa's finger. Stock up on these putties for your next party favor loot bag because all kids love to create a tooting sound. Trying to find the right party favor or carnival redemption prize? Then look no further than slime or putty. Kids of all ages love to play with these sticky, stretchy, slimy and gooey toys. The gross factor of slime is always a crowd pleasing favorite at any Halloween party. So stock up on some slime or putty today. We have a wide selection for any party theme. 2 1/2 in. tall plastic container .Assorted blue, yellow pink and green putty .Makes an embarrassing noise .Ages 3+
Sold By Case Pack Of 4 Dozens